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Not So Straight

fpv_dvd_slick-1A great resource for use in health and human relationships education and student wellbeing and support programs, Not So Straight has been developed by members of our same sex attracted support group for young people, YAK, to raise awareness of the issues facing same sex attracted youth.

It covers topics such as sexual identity, roles and responsibilities in sexual relationships, practicing safer sex, cyber safety, support strategies and homophobia.

Educators and group facilitators can screen the 60-minute documentary as a whole or as individual segments on HIV, relationships, acceptance, moving out of home etc. to suit their particular program needs.

This resource will help break down pre-conceived ideas about sexuality as young people, both gay and straight, empathise with the open and honest stories and discuss the issues raised.

Through watching the film, same sex attracted students will feel valued and see there is support and life outside of school.

Follow this link to order your copy of the Not So Straight video.  More resources for teaching sexuality education can be found by going to Family Planning Victoria’s website.