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New Sex-Ed resource for 2020

Introducing It’s Your Choice: Choose your own Sex Edventurethe new interactive video
series created to spark classroom discussion on sexual health, relationships and

The aim of the video series and supporting resources is to enable group conversation
amongst young people – making sure there’s an engaging way to discuss healthy
behaviours. The content is underpinned by research that shows young people want more
opportunities to discuss emotional and practical relationship skills – what to expect and
how to cope, not just standard biological information.

  • Engage students with real life situations
  • Save time on lesson planning
  • Downloadable videos
  • Discussion guide PDF sheet

1. Introduction
Meet Ash and Cam – they’re both ready for each other and looking forward to hooking up. But Cam has something on his mind – should he open up to Ash? Or keep it to himself?

2a. Open Up
What is ‘good sex’ and how do we talk about it? And when should we open up to our sexual partners?

2b. Keep It To Himself
Ash thinks Cam seems a bit ‘intense’. With a friend, Ash decides to get ‘back in control’.

3a1. Be Open
Cam tells Ash what’s on his mind – and so does she.

3a2. Deflect
Ash checks in with Cam because she feels like he’s acting ‘weird’.

3b3. Check In
After feeling like something’s amiss with Ash, Cam decides to check in on how she’s feeling.

3b4. Try again
After not picking up the obvious signs, Cam goes too far with Ash.



Choose Your Own Sex-Ed Venture offers content for 90 or 180 minutes so that you can choose discussion points and activities relevant to your students’ needs.

If you have an existing program for Relationships and Sexuality Education, this resource could be covered in 90 minutes. The 7 x short videos total approx. 20 minutes and with discussion could be used to consolidate your program around emotional literacy and sexual communication.

Whilst the students are given the chance to ‘choose their own adventure’, this resource has been designed in such a way that students must watch all 7 videos. This means that once they complete a pathway, they should go on to watch all of the alternate pathways as well to show the impact of the characters choices.

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Transmission – An Intergenerational Journey

5924 LMCF Transmission webtile FA1.0

Transmission – An IntergenerationalJourney is a short film created to support health educators delivering sexual health education in schools. The film and activities are designed to engage young people in discussions regarding their sexual wellbeing. In particular, the activities focus on HIV/AIDS and sexually transmitted infections (STIs).

This resource is a joint initiative of The Lord Mayor’s Charitable Foundation, Youthworx and the Australian Research Centre in Sex Health and Society.

Download your free resource.


Now showing Ask Grandad videos.
Campfire provides schools access to an online library of high quality short films that help introduce difficult topics and spark discussions about meaningful issues. Curriculum themes include Aboriginal Perspectives, Media, Religion and Society. Register for free and learn how you can join our community of inspirational teachers making an impact on their students.
There is a cost involved so educators will need to decide the added value to their school.
Check it out here.

Tea Consent

Tea Consent by Blue Seat Studios

This is a great You Tube video to engage young people in discussion about consent.

Funny, light and engaging.

Watch it here.







Louna’s Lowdown on Emergency Contraception

LunaIf you’ve had unprotected sex, or had a condom break, and are worried about getting pregnant, don’t panic, Louna’s Lowdown on Emergency Contraception explains what to do.

This short video explains everything you need to know about emergency contraception, like the morning after pill, that is available over the counter from a pharmacist.

The video was made by the Royal Women’s Hospital with Louna Maroun to inform teenagers about this safe, effective form of contraception to prevent an unplanned pregnancy.

Here’s the link to the rest of the information and the video.

Safe Schools Coalition Victoria – Tackling Homophobia in Schools

Safe Schools CoalitionCheck out the new video, introducing Safe Schools Coalition Victoria (SSCV).  SSCV is a coalition of schools and individuals dedicated to creating safer educational environments where same sex attracted and gender questioning young people are supported, where every family can belong, where every teacher can teach and every student can learn.

Cyber Life & The Accidental Bully from More Than Just Sex

Cyber Life & The Accidental Bully, another two fantastic Public Service Announcements (PSA) from Community Healthcare Network’s Teens P.A.C.T. program in New York City.  read more…

Smart and Deadly Educational Videos

SMART & DEADLY Sexual Health Promotion for Aboriginal Young People: a resource for workers to support culturally inclusive practice is a new health promotion resource produced by the Centre for Excellence in Rural Sexual Health (CERSH), Rural Health Academic Centre, The University of Melbourne.

read more…