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All about sex

All About Sex is for people with intellectual disability and the people who support them. It is easy to read and includes illustrations to help people with an intellectual disability learn about sexuality and relationships. It covers a range of topics including bodies, relationships, sex, pregnancy and reproduction, sexual health and sexual assault. Some people with intellectual disability will be able to read the book independently but most will need the support of a family member, teacher, support worker or advocate. All About Sex contains explicit language and illustrations for the purpose of teaching people with intellectual disability.

The Sexually Transmissible Infection Kit

The Sexually Transmissible Infection Kit is designed for engaging teaching and learning about sexually transmissible infections (STIs) and includes up-to-date information and real examples of testing equipment and methods of protection. Complete with a Teacher’s Guide containing information and lesson plans, this resource is an invaluable support when working with young people.

The kit contains: an STI Kit Teacher’s Guide, a Sexually Transmissible Infections Guide (flip chart), 5 x male condoms, 2 x female condoms, a latex dam, a latex glove, 5 x water based lubricant sachets, a urine sample specimen jar, a swab stick, a blood vial, an educational wooden penis model (to demonstrate condom use), a Condom Card Game, a Memory Game – STIs, a Memory Game – STI Testing, a Not So Lucky Dip activity bag containing, 9 x STI balls, 5 x Your best defence: Keeping an eye on STIs brochures, 2 x Safe Sex Pack examples, 2 x Body Talk posters, 5 x Condom Credit Card Z cards, 2 x Family Planning NSW Talkline posters and Family Planning NSW Talkline pads.

All items come in a convenient carry case. Everything you need for a practical lesson about sexually transmissible infections.

Sexually Transmissible Infection Guide

The Sexually Transmissible Infection Guide flip chart is an excellent resource for teachers, youth workers and health workers to help facilitate sexual health and relationship education. This A4, free-standing, chart is coil-bound and contains 38 full-colour pages covering each method of protection against sexually transmissible infections (STIs) and methods of STI testing, including photographs and information of each. The chart also contains information on nine of the most prevalent STIs in Australia.

Family Planning NSW

FPNSW CorpFamily Planning NSW is a leading provider of reproductive and sexual health services. Experts on contraception, pregnancy options, Sexually Transmissible Infections (STIs), sexuality and sexual function, menstruation, menopause, common gynaecological and vaginal problems, cervical screening, breast awareness and men’s sexual health. The Family Planning NSW website  has information on a range of issues in our Factsheets pages.

Family Planning NSW recognises the important role that teachers play in helping their students learn about reproductive and sexual health and has developed a range of programs and resources that support teachers .

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Yarning About Contraception – Contraceptive Kit

Yarning About Contraception Yarning about contraception optionscontrakit– Contraceptive Kit – Developed by Family Planning NSW
With all the contents of our popular Contraceptive Kit, Our Yarning About kit has been specifically designed with the characters of five community members, to promote healthy choices about contraception and STIs with Aboriginal and Torres Strait young people. Cost is $260.

Contraceptive Guide Flamily Planning NSW

Family Planning NSW Contraceptive Guide – Developed by Family Planning NSW
This is an excellent resource for both teachers and clinicians to help facilitate the teaching of sexual health education. The format is an A4, free-standing, chart that is coil-bound and contains 28 full-colour pages of each contraceptive method currently available in Australia. Included are photographs of each method and information on each method use, efficacy, benefits & downsides, side effects and sources. Cost is $45

Contraceptive Kit Developed by Family Planning NSW

Contraceptive KitContraceptive Kit FPNSW

Our complete kit for hands-on teaching and learning about contraception has been redesigned and improved and now comes with the brand new Contraceptive Guide and real examples of contraception methods.

The kit contains: The Contraceptive Guide Second Edition, a diaphragm (Caya®), a TT380 copper IUD (intrauterine device), a hormone releasing IUD (Mirena®) in demonstration box, male condoms, lubricants, female condoms, plastic flip-ring contraceptive pill swatches, Safe Sex Pack examples, a vaginal ring (Nuvaring®) – clear placebo, a contraceptive implant (Implanon NXT®) – coloured placebo, a contraceptive injection demonstration vial and syringe, A banana penis model (to demonstrate condom use), What Suits Me? Contraception Options brochure and 50 Family Planning NSW Talkline cards.

All in a newly designed carry case. Everything you need for a practical presentation about contraception.

Body Talk Multilingual Body Charts Family Planning NSW

body charts


Body Talk Multilingual Body Charts   
Developed by Family Planning NSW.
This is a large poster book of eight charts about reproductive and sexual health for use by educators working with groups. It has gentle drawings of the body in full colour, clearly labelled, with images appropriate for a wide range of cultural groups. Cost $40

LifeStyles Sex-Ed. Kit

ansell-frontThe LifeStyles Sex-Ed Kit is new, bigger and better than ever and it’s FREE to schools.

As a gift to Australian teachers who register online at the LifeStyles Sex-Ed. website, LifeStyles Sex-Ed. is pleased to offer a free school’s sex-ed kit which we hope will help in the all important task of teaching young people about safe sex.


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Family Planning Victoria’s Contraception Teaching Aids


Family Planning Victoria’s contraception teaching aids

Your Quick Guide to Contraception

FPV’s Your Quick Guide to Contraception is designed to teach your students (Year 9+, VELS Level 6) about the different methods of contraception available in Australia.

This clear, concise and easy to read booklet explains:

• key facts about contraception
• different methods available
• how they work
• how effective they are
• advantages
• disadvantages.

Costs (GST inclusive, plus postage):
1 copy $5.50
2-20 copies $4.40
21+ copies $3.30

The contraceptives featured are:

• Combined pill
• Mini pill
• Implanon rod (implant)
• Depo-Provera (injection)
• Intrauterine Devices (IUDs)
• NuvaRing (vaginal ring)
• Male condom
• Female condom
• Diaphragm
• Sterilisation (for men and women)
• Natural family planning
• Emergency contraception

To order, complete an order form and fax or mail to the address provided.

For more information about FPV’s sexual and reproductive health resources, go to
Contraceptive Kit

FPV’s Contraceptive Kit is designed to help your students (Year 9+, VELS Level 6) become familiar with the different contraceptive methods available in Australia by seeing and touching real examples.

Each kit includes:

• diaphragm
• spermicidal gel
• intrauterine device (IUD)
• Implanon rod (contraceptive implant)
• female condoms
• male condoms
• lubricant sachets
• NuvaRing (vaginal ring)
• oral contraceptive pills
• dental dams
• ‘banana penis’ model (for demonstrating condom use)
• two copies of FPV’s Your Quick Guide to Contraception booklet.

All products are sample products only and not for contraceptive use.
Cost (GST incl, plus postage): $264.00

To order, complete an order form and fax or mail to the address provided.

For more information about FPV’s sexual and reproductive health resources, go to