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SHARE – Sexual Health and Relationships Education

SHARE Comics picFree sexual health and relationship education resources for community organisations in Australia.

SHARE is a set of comics relating to sexual health and healthy relationships, with characters and scenarios reflecting the diversity of Victoria’s population.  The comics are designed to be led by workers who have the opportunity to start sexual health conversations with young people and are accompanied by facilitator’s guides, culturally competent fact sheets and information about relevant services.  Find the resource here.

Family Planning NSW

FPNSW CorpFamily Planning NSW is a leading provider of reproductive and sexual health services. Experts on contraception, pregnancy options, Sexually Transmissible Infections (STIs), sexuality and sexual function, menstruation, menopause, common gynaecological and vaginal problems, cervical screening, breast awareness and men’s sexual health. The Family Planning NSW website  has information on a range of issues in our Factsheets pages.

Family Planning NSW recognises the important role that teachers play in helping their students learn about reproductive and sexual health and has developed a range of programs and resources that support teachers .

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GET A GRIP teenz

Youth Wellbeing Project offers online professional development for middle school staff seeking comprehensive training to address whole-person centred sexuality and relationships education. GET A GRIP teenz is an educational program on self-awareness, smart choices and sexuality, providing engaging resources, parent handbook and interactive student worksheets.

The complete 10 week GET A GRIP teenz program is developed for the classroom or small groups, targeting the 14 – 15 year age group. It may be used in Public and Private High Schools; community education arenas for ‘at risk’ youth; and other community groups.  This program aligns with the learning sequence and general capabilities of the  National Curriculum requirements for the Years 9–10 Health and Physical Education, and provides tools for student assessment.

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Youth Wellbeing Project invites you to utilise their new reference tool: Sexually Transmitted Infections: Facts, Prevention, Outcomes.  This clear, informative guide provides an excellent snapshot for current data on STIs, transmission, symptoms, prevention, treatment methods & consequences of sexually transmitted infections (STIs) of health concern in Australia.  It also includes a list of Useful Websites and documents, for easy access to places such as the National Notifiable Diseases Surveillance System; National Management Guidelines For Sexually Transmissible Infections; and comprehensive lists of Sexual Health Clinics.




Sexuality and U

sexualilty-and-u2 is the ultimate Canadian web site committed to providing you accurate, credible and up-to-date information and education on sexual health. An initiative of the Society of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists of Canada, the site’s mandate is to provide guidance and advice to help individuals develop and maintain a healthy sexuality.

This web site is made possible with the guidance and collaboration of a team of distinguished Canadian medical organizations, and is administered by the Society of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists of Canada.

Family Planning Victoria’s Contraception Teaching Aids


Family Planning Victoria’s contraception teaching aids

Your Quick Guide to Contraception

FPV’s Your Quick Guide to Contraception is designed to teach your students (Year 9+, VELS Level 6) about the different methods of contraception available in Australia.

This clear, concise and easy to read booklet explains:

• key facts about contraception
• different methods available
• how they work
• how effective they are
• advantages
• disadvantages.

Costs (GST inclusive, plus postage):
1 copy $5.50
2-20 copies $4.40
21+ copies $3.30

The contraceptives featured are:

• Combined pill
• Mini pill
• Implanon rod (implant)
• Depo-Provera (injection)
• Intrauterine Devices (IUDs)
• NuvaRing (vaginal ring)
• Male condom
• Female condom
• Diaphragm
• Sterilisation (for men and women)
• Natural family planning
• Emergency contraception

To order, complete an order form and fax or mail to the address provided.

For more information about FPV’s sexual and reproductive health resources, go to
Contraceptive Kit

FPV’s Contraceptive Kit is designed to help your students (Year 9+, VELS Level 6) become familiar with the different contraceptive methods available in Australia by seeing and touching real examples.

Each kit includes:

• diaphragm
• spermicidal gel
• intrauterine device (IUD)
• Implanon rod (contraceptive implant)
• female condoms
• male condoms
• lubricant sachets
• NuvaRing (vaginal ring)
• oral contraceptive pills
• dental dams
• ‘banana penis’ model (for demonstrating condom use)
• two copies of FPV’s Your Quick Guide to Contraception booklet.

All products are sample products only and not for contraceptive use.
Cost (GST incl, plus postage): $264.00

To order, complete an order form and fax or mail to the address provided.

For more information about FPV’s sexual and reproductive health resources, go to



SHFPACT, Sexual Health and Family Planning ACT

For almost 40 years, SHFPACT has provided clinical and education services in Canberra and the region to improve sexual and reproductive health outcomes in our community.

Visit their website to find  out more.  Useful sections for teachers may be:

  • Training and Workshops
  • Schools
  • Library & Resources – Frequently asked Questions and Info sheets

WA Department of Health Pamphlets

The WA Department of Health have produced some information booklets for young people.

SHine SA Sexual Health information networking & education SA

shinesaSHine SA is the lead sexual health agency in South Australia. We work in partnership with government, health, education and community agencies and communities to improve the sexual health and wellbeing of South Australians.

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Sexual and Reproductive Health WA Website

Sexual and Reproductive Health WA (SRHWA)  website has information on their education and training programs, a variety of brochures and a section devoted to young people.

SRHWA  is a non-government, not-for-profit organisation, and an autonomous member of Sexual Health and Family Planning Australia which is affiliated with the International Planned Parenthood Federation. This website will tell you more about our services for both community members and professionals, and provide you with information about sexual health issues.

Sexual Health

dont-be-a-foolSexual Health is a website produced by the Department of Health and Human Services Tasmania.

It has information including:

  • safer sex
  • using a condom
  • using a dam
  • various fact sheets
  • ‘don’t be a fool’-information regarding Chlamydia