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Now showing Ask Grandad videos.
Campfire provides schools access to an online library of high quality short films that help introduce difficult topics and spark discussions about meaningful issues. Curriculum themes include Aboriginal Perspectives, Media, Religion and Society. Register for free and learn how you can join our community of inspirational teachers making an impact on their students.
There is a cost involved so educators will need to decide the added value to their school.
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Love and Kisses DVD Family Planning NSW

LoveAndKissesTheDVD2Love and Kisses DVD
Developed by Family Planning NSW
Love and Kisses provides personal stories about the intimate lives of people with disability to inform, educate and raise questions for discussion. Cost is $49.95
Family Planning NSW Bookshop also stocks a number of other educational DVDs on reproductive and sexual health to support teachers.

Smart and Deadly Educational Videos

SMART & DEADLY Sexual Health Promotion for Aboriginal Young People: a resource for workers to support culturally inclusive practice is a new health promotion resource produced by the Centre for Excellence in Rural Sexual Health (CERSH), Rural Health Academic Centre, The University of Melbourne.

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YEAH, Youth Empowerment Against HIV/AIDS


YEAH was founded in March 2005 as an Australian youth led health promotion organisation dedicated to engaging, educating and empowering young Australians aged 15 – 29 to lead HIV/AIDS awareness in their local communities.  read more…

Not So Straight

fpv_dvd_slick-1A great resource for use in health and human relationships education and student wellbeing and support programs, Not So Straight has been developed by members of our same sex attracted support group for young people, YAK, to raise awareness of the issues facing same sex attracted youth.

It covers topics such as sexual identity, roles and responsibilities in sexual relationships, practicing safer sex, cyber safety, support strategies and homophobia.
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boardmakerIncredibly powerful software for speaking and creating symbol-based computer activities and printed materials!

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Responding Positively To Sexual Behaviours: The Traffic Lights Model

trafficlightsResponding Positively To Sexual Behaviours: The Traffic Lights Model

This DVD provides a guide for professionals to IDENTIFY, ASSESS and RESPOND to sexual behaviours that may cause concern in school settings. It uses a case study, based on real life scenarios about young people with a disability, to model staff and carer responses to sexual behaviours that may cause concern.

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Sex Safely DVD

sex-safely-vidcoverSex Safely DVD

Produced by FPQ education services

Sex Safely is a ten minute educational DVD for young people.

It provides an updated look at safer sex issues, including contraception and is aimed at young people in high school, as well as those accessing youth services.

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Chlamydia-The Secret is Out

chlamydia1Chlamydia-the secret is out is a new teaching resource to inform young people aged 16 to 20 about Chlamydia testing and to demystify the process of going to a health service to have the test carried out.

This DVD, through a combination of drama and vox pops, plays out funny and embarrassing moments, as well as giving voice to the challenges presented by friendship, love, sex and testing for STIs.

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