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Great creative messages about sexual health with a hip hop take

hip hopMore than half of Victoria’s refugee community are 25 years old or less upon arrival, equipped with little education on sexual and reproductive health. H3  – an initiative of the Multicultural Health and Support Service (MHSS) – aims to make sexual health messages accessible to refugee and migrant young people through hip hop. The result was an exciting opportunity for 15-25 year olds to get creative with their hip hop skills and get the message out about sexual health.  Read more and access your copy of the CD.


boardmakerIncredibly powerful software for speaking and creating symbol-based computer activities and printed materials!

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feelsafecdcoverFeel Safe CD

Feel Safe follows the stories of six young people (aged 12 – 16) who learn valuable self protection skills. The six stories contain nine games that teach self protection information in a fun and interactive way.

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underworldUnderworld is an interactive, animated, musical, detective investigation into the female reproductive system. It explores issues of sexuality with humour, characters, songs and video.

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