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LifeStyles Education Kit with Ask Grandad

LifeStyles Education Kit with Film and Teacher’s Pack Promoting Sexual Wellness in Young People

Please note that Ask Grandad will now be found on a USB flash drive. This should help those of you who are using computers without disc drives. Don’t worry if you miss out. All of the video content and a pdf of the Teacher’s pack are available below.

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Ask Grandad has been created to support teachers delivering health and sexual wellness curricula, by providing them with high quality teaching aids and engagement media.


The Ask Grandad program includes:

The program is designed to be used with the LifeStyles Sex-Ed Kit including demonstrators, condoms and useful information.

Adopting a peer-to-peer approach, the program uses the characters and scenarios shown in the comedic short film ‘Grandad’ to initiate guided classroom discussions.

The program also includes a website designed to provide students with more information, this is called

The Ask Grandad program is designed to build on the sexual education that adolescents receive in schools and extend the conversation into home settings. The teachers’ pack recognises that sexual orientations and values are diverse, and adopts inclusive language and scenarios.