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underworldUnderworld is an interactive, animated, musical, detective investigation into the female reproductive system. It explores issues of sexuality with humour, characters, songs and video.

It is designed for ages 14+.

The detectives at Sam sperms Detective Agency are on a mission to find out whats going on during a menstrual cycles. Male (y chromosome) and female (x chromosome) sperm wriggle through four phases of menstrual cycle, gleaning information, falling in love, trying to stay out of danger.

Investigations take them to Rubber Ridge Detention Centre a high security condom housing the worlds most notorious STDs.
Eva Ova, The Follicle Girls and Madame Ovary are among the characters whose dialogue and songs reflect social and emotional issues of discovering sexuality while presenting information about the body, contraception and more. In addition to narrative action, there is access to more detailed information throughout.

With interview footage of teenagers and adults, covering a range of topics including sexual preferences, body image, young mothers, safe sex, first times and language.

As a classroom resource it will bring humour to a subject that teachers are often uncomfortable about not to mention heaps of information. Health and sex education made easy!

Underworld is a media-rich, animated CD-ROM that provides young people with an opportunity to explore issues of health and sexuality in the classroom as well as privately, at their own pace.

Underworld is designed to allow those using it to stop and start at any given place and therefore focus on selected areas.
It is interactive and can engage young people so they revisit information time and time again.

CD-ROMs are a tool that most young people are familiar with and can enjoy using either on their own or in a group setting.
This CD-ROM is a resource that can be accessed through libraries, community health services, neighbourhood houses and used with young people in a school or community setting.

Underworld is published by Dataworks Australia-Educational Software. and to find out more about this product or to purchase a copy click here.