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GET A GRIP teenz

Youth Wellbeing Project offers online professional development for middle school staff seeking comprehensive training to address whole-person centred sexuality and relationships education. GET A GRIP teenz is an educational program on self-awareness, smart choices and sexuality, providing engaging resources, parent handbook and interactive student worksheets.

The complete 10 week GET A GRIP teenz program is developed for the classroom or small groups, targeting the 14 – 15 year age group. It may be used in Public and Private High Schools; community education arenas for ‘at risk’ youth; and other community groups.  This program aligns with the learning sequence and general capabilities of the  National Curriculum requirements for the Years 9–10 Health and Physical Education, and provides tools for student assessment.

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Youth Wellbeing Project invites you to utilise their new reference tool: Sexually Transmitted Infections: Facts, Prevention, Outcomes.  This clear, informative guide provides an excellent snapshot for current data on STIs, transmission, symptoms, prevention, treatment methods & consequences of sexually transmitted infections (STIs) of health concern in Australia.  It also includes a list of Useful Websites and documents, for easy access to places such as the National Notifiable Diseases Surveillance System; National Management Guidelines For Sexually Transmissible Infections; and comprehensive lists of Sexual Health Clinics.