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Curriculum Guidelines

Guidelines for Comprehensive Sexuality Education

Guidelines for Comprehensive Sexuality Education, 3 Edition
Kindergarten through 12th Grade
For over a decade, SIECUS has published the
Guidelines for Comprehensive Sexuality Education:  Kindergarten-12th Grade to help educators create new sexuality education programs and evaluate already existing curricula. The Guidelines, developed by a national task force of experts in the fields of adolescent development, health care, and education, provide a framework of the key concepts, topics, and messages that all sexuality education programs would ideally include.
This Third Edition of the Guidelines is based on the work of the original National Guidelines Task Force; the basic structure and content remain the same. Certain topics, messages, and age-levels, however, have been changed to reflect new information and the reality that today’s young people are facing. In addition, we have added a section on using the Guidelines that provides specific advice, ideas, and resources to help educators implement this important framework into their efforts to provide high-quality sexuality education to young people in their schools and communities.

Sex and Relationships Education (SRE) for the 21st Century

SRE1Supplementary advice to the Sex and Relationship Education Guidance DfEE (0116/2000)

This material is from the UK, but I found it particularly interesting as it addresses pornography.

Just be mindful that it is a UK document and as we say, “When things are different, they’re not the same”.  Non-the-less, it’s a very good read. Supplementary Advice PDF.

To be used in conjunction with:  Sex and Relationship Education Guidance .

Catching On Early – Sexuality Education for Victorian Primary Schools

coe-coverCatching On Early – Sexuality Education for Victorian Primary Schools (PDF – 3.4Mb) – Catching On Early is an evidence-based resource founded on the latest research into sexuality education and child sexual development. read more…


its-all-one-cur IT’S ALL ONE CURRICULUM, Guidelines and activities for a unified approach to sexuality, gender, HIV and Human Rights Education

a two-book set

Book 1:  Guidelines – Curriculum content that places gender issues and human rights at the heart of sex and HIV education.

Book 2:  Activities – 54 activities that engage young people and foster critical thinking skills.

Developed by the International Sexuality and HIV Curriculum Working Group

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Advocates For Youth; Resources for Sex Educators

sexed-resource-centerResources for Sex Educators

Sex educators play a vital role in providing young people with information they need to protect their health and futures.  Whether you are someone new to the field of sex education or trying to stay abreast of the latest effective programs and resources, Advocates For Youth can help. Explore the Sex Ed Center for lesson plans, curricula, national standards, and state legislation.
– Lesson Plans
– Programs that Work
– Curricula and Education Programs
– Resource Guides
– National Health Education Standards
– What does my state law say about teaching sex education?
– For Sex Education Activists: Policy and Advocacy Facts and Tools
– Background Information