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“Don’t send me that pic.”

“Don’t Send Me That Pic” – Plan International Australian and Our Watch survey – March 2016

Australian young women and girls report online abuse and harassment are endemic

Plan International Australia and Our Watch commissioned Ipsos to conduct a survey of 600 Australian girls and young women aged 15–19 about personal safety and gender equality, including online safety. Responses to questions about online safety indicate that girls and young women in Australia report endemic levels of abuse and harassment online. Read findings.

Sexually Transmitted Diseases: Your Extensive Guide

Jenny Haward HuffPost Australia 17/2/2017
Sexually Transmitted Diseases: Your Extensive Guide
What they look like, plus how to treat (and avoid) them.

Includes video.

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Guidelines for Comprehensive Sexuality Education

Guidelines for Comprehensive Sexuality Education, 3 Edition
Kindergarten through 12th Grade
For over a decade, SIECUS has published the
Guidelines for Comprehensive Sexuality Education:  Kindergarten-12th Grade to help educators create new sexuality education programs and evaluate already existing curricula. The Guidelines, developed by a national task force of experts in the fields of adolescent development, health care, and education, provide a framework of the key concepts, topics, and messages that all sexuality education programs would ideally include.
This Third Edition of the Guidelines is based on the work of the original National Guidelines Task Force; the basic structure and content remain the same. Certain topics, messages, and age-levels, however, have been changed to reflect new information and the reality that today’s young people are facing. In addition, we have added a section on using the Guidelines that provides specific advice, ideas, and resources to help educators implement this important framework into their efforts to provide high-quality sexuality education to young people in their schools and communities.


marriage-equality1This document has been designed to assist employers in the support of their employees during
this time. It is envisaged that the document will provide employers with a critical resource through
which they can then develop their own internal communications, initiatives or processes.

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marriage-equality1ACON and the Centre for Social Research in Health are proud to partner on the develpment of the following
evidence review on the health impacts of marriage equality and the denial of this on the health of lesbian,
gay and bisexual Australians. This document brings together key pieces of research with the aim of
informing the current debate on marriage equality for same-sex couples in Australia.

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Rainbow eQuality Guide

Waves of ColorRainbow eQuality

LGBTI inclusive practice guide for health and community services

The Victorian Government values and celebrates diversity. It affirms the right to equality, fairness and decency for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Gender Diverse, and Intersex (LGBTI) Victorians and is committed to removing discrimination from Victorian laws, services and society.

To support this work a whole of government LGBTI Taskforce has been established along with LGBTI Health and Human Services and Justice Working Groups, and Victoria’s first Commissioner for Gender and Sexuality.

This Rainbow eQuality Guide was developed to assist mainstream health and community service agencies identify and adopt inclusive practices and become more responsive to the health and wellbeing needs of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex (LGBTI) individuals and communities.

Inclusive practice is an essential part of the delivery of health and human services, not an add-on or afterthought.

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Disability services promote sexual education for people with physical, intellectual disabilities

7478782-3x2-340x227Disability services promote sexual education for people with physical, intellectual disabilities 

ABC News, By Chris McLoughlin Sunday, June 5, 2016

The sexual development of people with a physical or intellectual disability is being freed of its taboo status with disability services prepared to embrace the subject for their clients’ benefit.

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Good sex ed doesn’t lead to teen pregnancy, it prevents it

Good sex edThe Conversation June 3, 2016 Suzanne Dyson Associate professor, principal research fellow, La Trobe University

Comprehensive, inclusive sexuality and relationships education (“sex ed”) teaches children and adolescents in age-appropriate ways that sexuality is a normal, healthy part of life.

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Building Respectful Relationships – Stepping out against gender-based violence



Building Respectful Relationships: Stepping Out against Gender-Based Violence is a set of sequential teaching activities to educate secondary school students about gender, violence and respectful relationships.


OMG I’m Trans




COMING OUT as TRANS or gender diverse doesn’t have to be an OMG thing.
Embracing your gender identity is an amazing thing, but navigating coming out, school uniform, legal rights, talking to doctors, and everything else can be tricky on your own, so we, Minus 18, created OMG I’m Trans! 

Made by trans young people, for trans young people, covering all the things we wanted to as young gender diverse people coming out!

A terrific resource from Minus18.