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The Sexually Transmissible Infection Kit

The Sexually Transmissible Infection Kit is designed for engaging teaching and learning about sexually transmissible infections (STIs) and includes up-to-date information and real examples of testing equipment and methods of protection. Complete with a Teacher’s Guide containing information and lesson plans, this resource is an invaluable support when working with young people.

The kit contains: an STI Kit Teacher’s Guide, a Sexually Transmissible Infections Guide (flip chart), 5 x male condoms, 2 x female condoms, a latex dam, a latex glove, 5 x water based lubricant sachets, a urine sample specimen jar, a swab stick, a blood vial, an educational wooden penis model (to demonstrate condom use), a Condom Card Game, a Memory Game – STIs, a Memory Game – STI Testing, a Not So Lucky Dip activity bag containing, 9 x STI balls, 5 x Your best defence: Keeping an eye on STIs brochures, 2 x Safe Sex Pack examples, 2 x Body Talk posters, 5 x Condom Credit Card Z cards, 2 x Family Planning NSW Talkline posters and Family Planning NSW Talkline pads.

All items come in a convenient carry case. Everything you need for a practical lesson about sexually transmissible infections.